Lori Burke, MD, FACOG

image of dr burke

Associate Residency Program Director

simulation building/organization of resident didactics:

  • hysterectomy model
  • cesarean section model
  • talking to patient’s sim (giving “bad” news)
  • breech delivery simulation

Implementation of mock oral exams

Imaternal code and ob emergency planning/education

Addiction/substance abuse in pregnancy

Have been meeting with community clinics, hospital SW, nursing, and NICU to discuss ways to improve our care to these patients.

Organized an educational day with guest speakers/CME scheduled for 2/27/18

Residents I am working with projects on:

  • Alicia Filler: postpartum tubal completed at admission for delivery
  • Kelly Wisely: postpartum depoprovera utilization
  • Sarah Pearl: case report on massive labial polyp
  • Sian West: postpartum discharge education
  • Tristan Fowler: development of Instagram videos for prenatal care/parenting education

Resident Education/Didactics

Hysterectomy Simulation - uterus in a basket

Talking to Patients - Phone Simulation

Implementation of Practice Guide in the Residency Clinic

FHR monitoring review

Women's Health Screening - Community Talk (Gaylord)

Clinical Breast Exam